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Harare City Council Plans To Clamp Down On Illegal Activities

Harare City Council Plans To Clamp Down On Illegal Activities

The Harare City Council is conducting a joint enforcement operation aimed at clearing all illegal activities in the Central Business District (CBD) and all residential areas.

Writing for the City of Harare, Bornwise Mtonzi said the Harare Municipal Police, Development Control Unit, and Amenities, are targeting all illegal vendors, buildings, abandoned vehicles parked along roadsides, and street car washing among others.

The joint operation is in line with a special council resolution made on the 7th of February 2023 by the Environmental Management Committee targetting the City’s bus termini and CBD.

All goods confiscated during the operation shall be taken to the Harare Municipal Police.

Impounded vehicles will be sent to the central stores compound with penalty tickets being issued to offenders.

Acting Amenities head Lisben Chipfunde was quoted as saying:

This is a special operation that we were not conducting about anti-littering which is so rampant throughout the city.

The Environmental Management Committee resolved that we should start to enforce the statutory Instrument 30 of 2016 which is an anti-litter by-law.

The By-Law states that if any individual is caught throwing litter everywhere is required to pay a fine.

He added that industries or companies also caught on the wrong side of the law shall all pay fines.

Fines for domestic waste from a standard-size receptacle/cart is US$36, while for domestic waste from a vehicle, one is supposed to pay US$113.

The fine for industrial all commercial waste dumping is US$385 or paid on the prevailing bank rate.

Chipfunde said termini targeted are Speke Avenue (Copa Cabana), Market Square, Charge Office and Simon Vengesai Muzenda (Fourth Street).

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