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Lovemore Madhuku’s Legal Representation of Uebert Angel Sparks Controversy!

Lovemore Madhuku's Legal Representation of Uebert Angel Sparks Controversy!

Lovemore Madhuku, a prominent lawyer, has found himself in the heart of a social media craze after taking on a high-profile client, Uebert Angel, amid a cloud of controversy.

Madhuku, recognized for his legal prowess and prior political engagement, has always been a divisive personality. His recent choice to defend Uebert Angel, a self-proclaimed prophet entangled in the Gold Mafia affair, drew criticism and generated a heated controversy.

When word got out about Lovemore Madhuku’s relationship with Uebert Angel, social media exploded with anger and suspicion. Many others questioned Madhuku’s motivations, accusing him of putting personal gain above of ethics.

Zimbabwean lawyer Lovemore Madhuku’s recent decision to represent Uebert Angel in the Gold Mafia scandal has not only stirred controversy but has also become a subject of ridicule on social media. Known for his previous involvement in politics and controversial reputation, Madhuku has been mocked online for his alleged love for money and willingness to do anything for financial gain.

As news of Madhuku’s association with Angel broke, old video footage of the late former president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe talking about the Madhuku strategy and how he is such an opportunist has surfaced on social media.

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Here are some of the reactions from Twitter;


When I grow up I want to be like Madhuku😂. He is the only person who understands kuti pano pasi takauya kuzotandara ingotora mari uende😆🙌. I mean olofesaden he is Eubert Angel’s Lawyer😂 .

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Lovemore Madhuku is making money more than a judge in the UK! No wonder he doesn’t want to shift from Zimbabwe and i can still believe Biti was right to suggest that Ndau old man is a witch!


The late RGM said ma dhuku is an opportunist and He knows we here the money is 😂 and takes the money by any means possible


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Dzinehukasha whekurambidzwa kupractisa for 15 years. Ikozvino dzirikutora every and any client 😂.He knows how to hustle.

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