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He has a heart after all, Shadaya Shows Softer Side!

Shadaya Knight, Zimbabwe’s answer to Andrew Tate, recently stirred up social media with a rare and heartfelt declaration of love for his significant other.

The divisive social media celebrity, who is renowned for being outspoken, received a range of responses when he expressed his sincere gratitude to his partner.

Shadaya Knight praised his girlfriend on his official Twitter account on Friday, calling her a beautiful, considerate, and supportive partner who enhances his masculinity.

“By every strong man’s side, is a beautiful, respectful, supportive, feminine woman. You’re appreciated ❤️,” gushed Shadaya Knight, basking in the bliss of love.

The post sparked a flurry of responses from his followers, with some praising the gesture as sweet and endearing while others mocked his romanticism.

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Below are some of the supportive posts:


Real men appreciate their queens all the time 👏🏿 if you ever need any of these services, you can hit me up boss


King, those things are all we want and blessings to the queen, blessings to you, massive dub #W

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chibaba makoresa apa rambai makadaro aiwa ka golden crispy aka…..dont live to impress anyone stay in your lane there is no pressure vakawanda vada kufadza ana nhingi n turn to loose theirselves along the way kana vakubatwa maparts voti our Goat anotaurisa..

Nonetheless, it was a refreshing change from his typically combative and contentious posts, and it certainly left many wondering what inspired the sudden outburst of love.

On the other hand, some of his detractors used the opportunity to ridicule his girlfriend’s looks in a tit-for-tat exchange for his opinions on other people’s relationships.

Below are some of the abrasive comments:

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Yuhwiiii ichi chibage ichii..ini hangu ndiri single ndirinane than to date chibage😂🚮


A modified female version of bra cop ❤️❤️you did swear they are related smh …
She is beautiful inside ,looks humble ,well mannered.
Blink twice if you are in danger Mai mtumwa ❤️❤️

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