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Holy Ten In Damage Control Drive, Visits Chitungwiza Baby Mama

Holy Ten In Damage Control Drive, Visits Chitungwiza Baby Mama

Holy Ten has had his fair share of social media crises and drama in the last two days, after his baby mama, who is based in Chitungwiza, outed him on social media and accused him of neglecting his child.

This follows trending news that Holy Ten had paid $15 000 lobola for his long time girlfriend Kimberly Richards.

In pictures seen by ZiMetro News crew, holy ten indeed got married over the weekend and in one of the pictures, a woman is seen blessing the couple marriage with aprayer.

Chelsea announced yesterday evening that she was solely responsible for her son with music artist Holy Ten.

It was revealed earlier today that the lady had previously tweeted that she was interested in Holy Ten and had feelings for him despite the fact that he had been living with Kimberly.

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Today, a video circulated on social media showing Holy Ten at Chelsea’s home in Chitungwiza.

Many people were left in awe and wondering what would happen next.

In other trending news on ZiMetro News,

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Voltz Jt speaks on his relationship with Kimberly and Holy Ten


Voltz JT sat down with Miss Candy V in an exclusive interview in which the 2 discussed a range of issues concerning his music career.

He mentioned that he is open to working with other artists and he in not enclosed as other people might see.

Speaking on his beefing up with Holy Ten, Voltz mentioned that what his counter part said on Star FM is true and there might never be peace between them but…read more

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