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How ZBC Senior Reporter ‘Tendai Munengwa’ Was Arrested For Trying To Extort MP Scott Sakupwanya

Govt Told to Intervene at Scott Sakupwanya's Redwing Mine Amid Illicit Dealings

A police officer involved in the operation leading to the apprehension and subsequent trial of ZBC senior reporter Tendai Munengwa on extortion charges has provided a comprehensive account of how the operation unfolded.

Munengwa stands accused alongside intelligence officer Henry Kachere of attempting to extort US$15,000 from businessman Scott Sakupwanya in exchange for concealing purported “sensitive classified information” regarding alleged “illegal gold dealings” by one of Sakupwanya’s companies.

Reginald Munonoki, a member of the police team involved in executing the operation, outlined the details:

“On February 8 last year, our office received intel regarding the extortion attempt by the two accused. Allegedly, they threatened to expose illegal gold dealings by Better Brands unless the complainant paid US$15,000. Subsequently, a trap was organized.”

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“The team, consisting of four CID Law and Order officers, including myself, armed with the necessary authority, proceeded to the Better Brands office in Greendale. We coordinated with Sakupwanya’s security officer, Mayward Tozivepi, who had been authorized to assist in the operation.”

“Arrangements were made, and the trap money was handed over to Tozivepi. When Munengwa and Kachere arrived, Kachere purportedly carried a box file allegedly containing the incriminating evidence.”

“In the sitting room, Kachere handed the file to Tozivepi, and Munengwa received the trap money. Tozivepi signaled that the money had been received, prompting our immediate intervention. I personally retrieved the trap money from Munengwa’s left pocket.”

“The box file, labeled ‘CIO Top Secret,’ was with Tozivepi. After opening it, Detective Sergeant Mutsambi verified its contents, and Detective Inspector Mukohwa informed the accused that trap money had been exchanged. Despite this, they refused to acknowledge or sign the trap authority and were subsequently arrested for extortion.”

During cross-examination, Munonoki was questioned by defense lawyers regarding the absence of the trap money and the disputed file. The trial is scheduled to resume on Tuesday, with Sakupwanya expected to testify.

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