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Mjolo Uyanyisa As Intimate Texts Destroy 20 Year Old Marriage

A marriage spanning two decades has ended following the husband’s discovery of his wife’s infidelity, including intimate text exchanges with another man reminiscing about their past and discussing her loss of virginity.

Cossam Munemo, the husband, revealed that his wife, Virginia Ruzariro, initiated the divorce process by presenting him with divorce papers during a family gathering in Southlea Park, Harare.

Struggling with depression, Cossam contemplated suicide but chose to persevere for the sake of their children. The couple had recently marked their 20th wedding anniversary in February, having tied the knot in 2004.

Cossam alleges that Virginia had been unfaithful for six years. Despite further consultations with family members, Cossam is deeply wounded by the betrayal and remains in emotional turmoil.

Virginia could not be reached for comment, but according to reports, she left their residence in Cape Town and returned to Zimbabwe after confrontations with Cossam regarding their marital issues.

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Cossam initially shared his ordeal on Facebook, recounting how his suspicions were aroused when he observed Virginia’s unusual behavior, including spending excessive time in their children’s rooms and secretive phone conversations. Upon discovering incriminating messages on her phone, Cossam confronted Virginia about her affair with another man named Cosmas.

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Despite attempts to seek pastoral and familial intervention, Virginia’s actions persisted, leading to their separation. Cossam recounts discovering salt rituals on their bed and evidence of communication with a traditional healer, further adding to the strain on their relationship.

In March of the current year, Cossam learned that Virginia had begun cohabitating with another man in Chipinge, culminating in the dissolution of their marriage.

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