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“I Am a Prophet But I Wont Form a Church”, Says Mambo Dhuterere!

"I Am a Prophet But I Wont Form a Church", Says Mambo Dhuterere!

Gospel singer Mambo Dhuterere asserts that he possesses a prophetic gift, yet he has no intention of establishing a church.

He mentions that his wife shares this prophetic gift.

At 32, Mambo Dhuterere, who has garnered a large following, considers himself a messenger of God.

“I received the prophetic gift at a young age, and the same is true for my wife,” he explained.

“I don’t impose rules on what my wife should wear, and she doesn’t do that to me, which has strengthened our marriage over the years.

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“I can engage with people from various religions without any issues because God connects me with them for a purpose,” he added.

Known for his church performances, Mambo Dhuterere believes he is divinely appointed to impact people’s lives positively.

“I have had the opportunity to perform at numerous events alongside international stars, and more shows are lined up where my name is consistently included.

“This indicates that event organizers recognize my value and I will always be there to share my message through music.

“I also address issues such as the dangers of domestic violence, the importance of hard work, and marital faithfulness.

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“I think my efforts are evident to everyone, showing that I am diligent and committed to my social responsibilities.”

Dhuterere enjoys good relationships with creatives from various fields such as fashion, visual arts, and other music genres.

“I am fortunate to be a favorite among many creatives, from sculptors to musicians whose work is often deemed secular, and now I am involved in fashion.

“I am collaborating with Evelyn Mubochwa to promote her Afro Jumbo wear, which I have endorsed.

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“I endorsed her after seeing her passion, and her coming from South Africa to seek my endorsement means a lot.

“I look forward to promoting these garments wherever I go because the designs are stylish and respectable.

“I encourage her to stay humble.”

As the year progresses, he promises fans more international tours.

“New music and collaborations are on the way because I am in a better place now. I was unwell, but I have been healed by the grace of God.”

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