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“If There’s No Evidence Against Wadyajena, Where Did The US$5 million Go?” – Mliswa

Mliswa Exposes Zanu PF Projects Ahead Of Elections

Temba Mliswa, a Norton Member of Parliament (MP), has demanded that the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) explain where the $5 million went if there is no evidence against his Gokwe-Nembuya counterpart, Justice Mayor Wadyajena.

Mliswa’s remarks come just days after Wadyajena (ZANU PF) was acquitted in a fraud case in which he was accused of embezzling COTTCO funds intended for the purchase of bale cables and trucks.

Wadyajena was charged alongside COTTCO executives Pius Manamike, Maxmore Njanji, Chiedza Danha, and Fortunate Molai.

Mliswa stated in a series of Twitter posts seen by Pindula News that the money cannot simply vanish. The following are the posts:

If the NPA says there is no evidence against Wadyajena in the US$5 million case, so where did the money go? At least someone should be accountable for that huge amount of money going missing. It cannot vanish into thin air as if from some backwater entity.

Even as Chairperson of the Agriculture Portfolio Committee Wadyajena kept doing business with Cottco. Its something that he should have declared and renunciated his position in any business with it. The fact that he didn’t reveals the compromised nature of his person.

Now the case has political angles with ZACC Commissioner Makamure being targeted as the instigator of Wadyajena’s arrest, allegedly to advance his own political ambitions. That’s a fallacy. It’s not Makamure who arrested Wadyajena but @ZACConline.

Makamure has never harboured any ambitions to be a legislator and he made a name and money a long time ago. That he even got into ZACC is out of respect for the President. He didn’t need the position, the same way Doug Munatsi got into ZIDA of respect not need.

His organisation, @SAPST has always worked with Parliament and it is contrived nonsense that he was working with the Americans. How did the CIO miss that when they vetted the organisation or him? Makamure is an upstanding citizen who is surely regretting working for the Gvt.

It’s very unfortunate when upstanding citizens are dragged into the mud like this by dirty politicians using the power of money to capture the courts and the media. We now know that many criminals are joining @ZANUPF_Official because they want to be protected. It’s a shame.

Ultimately such decisions and actions are an egg to the face of the ruling party. It shows all the talk about fighting against corruption is empty. How do you convince us that you are serious about fighting corruption when such cases flounder?

Why not just give ZACC a certificate to prosecute its own cases if you are serious? They have been asking for it but Gvt is refusing yet the NPA is consistently failing to get convictions. How do you win 4 cases out of 180 dockets& maintain a straight face?

We can’t have a country where the system is only effective in persecuting those who speak out but redundant on progressive issues. Hon Sikhala is there languishing in remand, I have suffered the same with Chihuri but every dog has its day. Seasons pass and the weather changes.

Nobody is convinced that Gvt will effectively deal with corruption. It has only become efficient against those who truly stand up for the people. Biti, Sikhala, myself and many others, we see it. Asi ushe madzoro. That’s a timeous prophecy that requires no invocation to manifest.

We saw those who abused their offices and the law under Mugabe. Where are they now? Politicians still fail to learn and appreciate this epic dictate of life. What goes around comes around. To be safe just do the right things when you have the power.

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