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Jah Prayzah Drops Festive Season Hit Track

Jah Prayzah Drops Festive Season Hit Track

Top Zimbabwean current artist Jah Prayzah has turned up the Christmas lights in the entertainment business and proclaimed the 2022 festive season officially open in honor to the late Paul Mativire.

Fans are overjoyed, sharing their joy and gratitude on social media while remembering the late Dr Love, a charming and humorous entertainer.

Ikhisimusi Sifikile, originally published in 1989 on the album Matavire Mbune, has become an iconic celebration hymn with its dynamic chorus of elation, giving off great party feelings.

Jah Prayzah’s rendition is no less exuberant, with a new set of updated lyrics reflecting quintessential festive season celebratory conventions seen in city and rural life.

Reviving this yesteryear hit has brought nostalgic memories which cut across many generations today, just in time!

The artist has deliberately bounced back into the limelight, aligning himself to the season of the moment when most revellers need festive season sing-alongs.

A stronger baseline with Marlon T Govera on lead guitar and Prosper Kudzayi Mudzimu on the base gives the song a new lease on life.

The song will appeal to a wide demographic, both young and old.

The one thing missing is the inimitable moves of the Jairos Jiri Band.

Will the nation’s most loved musician favor his fans with a video to accompany this early Christmas present?

The team at Military Touch Movement is mum on the subject, but in the meantime, tie rockers are already in action, and fans are mounting pressure to get influencers involved in leading a dance challenge.

The song is already trending just 48 hours after release, with more than 100,000 views on YouTube.


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