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Kariba Socialite Melissa ‘Mel’cee’ Chigwada Sues Group Members For Circulating Her Pictures When She Soiled Herself

Kariba Socialite Melissa ‘Mel’cee’ Chigwada Sues Group Members For Circulating Her Pictures When She Soiled Herself

A SOCIALITE is suing two WhatsApp group users for cyberbullying after she soiled herself during a beer binge.

The Kariba socialite, Melissa ‘Mel’cee’ Chigwada, is suing two social media users she is accusing of tagging and posting her pictures in a ladies group.

Contacted for comment, Melissa did not want to discuss the issue with this newspaper.

The matter is set for the Kariba Magistrates’ Court today where the two are facing cyberbullying charges.

“Pana popular slay queen vemuKariba who went out with some rich guys and had too much to drink before she messed herself,” said a source.

“So, being a public figure, the story went viral in WhatsApp groups and now she suing two ladies and they are going to court on Monday.

“Vanozvinzwa zvekudaro, zviri zvevamwe vanofamba nadzo, people were discussing in a ladies group and she is part of that group.

“So, she just picked two names and they have been summoned to court.

“She wants to threaten the public, she is trying to silence people not to talk about the issue.

“Hanzi mbinga dzakamudzinga mumota, a taxi man was called to pick her up after his guys dropped her.”

Another source said: “You know the issue was discussed in most Kariba groups and picking individuals was totally unfair.

“How did she pick other people yet iye wacho anotombosekawo vamwe mumagroups?

“And, you know these ladies humbled themselves, tried to negotiate and apologised and she is being funny.

“Kariba yese yakatsamwa about what she has done.”

A third source said: “The bar was full and many people saw this. A taxi driver was hired to ferry her from the scene.

“The driver was asked to bring a cloth to cover her.

‘The issue has been talk of Kariba since last week.

“But, now, it has been worsened by taking these ladies to court. That really angered others,” said the source.

Another Kariba resident said: “I had no problem with her telling people to take it easy on the issue but tapesana pakuda kuendesa vamwe kucourt.

“And, she is also intimidating people kuti vanyarare about the issue.

“The story was dying nicely but zvekuzoda kutumira vanhu matsamba ekucourt manje.

“It’s true, we are going to court, the news was circulating all over Kariba, mumagroups, kubhawa.

“The news is there, even those who ferried her. We have a Kariba ladies group where everything is discussed, makuhwa and business.

“If anything happens in Kariba, we discuss it.

“So, the issue was being discussed that she messed herself. And her picture was posted but she just picked up two names.

“She was tagged and tagging her was then made to be a cyberbullying case since hanzi akasekwa.

“The story is known by everyone.”

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