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Thigh Vendor Regrets Profession After Privates Starts Swelling!

Thigh Vendor Regrets Profession After Privates Starts Swelling!

A 42-year-old Beitbridge woman says she now regrets the day she chose the path of prostitution.

She says she is ready to walk away from the world’s oldest profession after developing endless pain on her private parts.

The sex worker, only identified as Joyce, said she has been writhing in pain for months and is appealing to anyone who can help her.

Joyce told H-Metro that she has consulted medical doctors, several prophets and traditional healers, but her condition is not improving.

“Day and night I have been sweating, writhing in serious pain and I strongly suspect this is a result of being bewitched.

“Ndirikurumwa-rumwa nhengo uye ndirikutambura kupfeka zvipfeko zvemukati uye ndiri kurara ndakagara.

“It started sometime in February.

“The insatiable appetite for sex put me under pressure to hunt for men to sleep with without having to pay me.

“I then started feeling pain from that time, and that became the beginning of the hell I am going through as we speak.

“I have been to various prophets, traditional healers and medical doctors without anything positive coming my way.”

She added: “I have learnt my lesson and I am ready to turn my life around.

“I know I have made mistakes, but I ask for forgiveness.

“I want to leave this life behind and start anew.

“I am willing to work hard and find a different way to make a living.

“I hope that someone out there can help me.”

She said she had put her faith in God and she is hoping there will be some divine intervention for her.

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