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Mabrijo confirms dating and dumping DJ Towers

Dj Towers sucked into comedienne Mabrijo Interview

Mabrijo has confirmed that she dated and dumped DJ Towers because he was broke and has nothing to his name.

She said she was attracted to the Towers she saw on social media but in real life he has nothing. “Towers ndini ndaimuchengeta, that time ndandirimaid kuSouth Africa ndaiti ndikashanda otiMabrijo nditumirewo 300US$ ndikatoona kuti zvandavakushandira Towers.

Ndakamurambira kuti Towers haatenge hembe, anopiwa hembe ouya nayo mumastreets inetag ozodzosera saka ndakazoona kuti ndirikudanana nemunhu anepressure too much, ndirini ndirikumuchengeta, apa akashata.”

Mabrijo confirms dating and dumping DJ Towers

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