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Mai Mashakada pleads with Sir Wicknell, “Just give me 1000 chicks”

Cephas Mashakada’s widow, Eunice, thinks Wicknell Chivayo should also consider widows, whose husbands had a huge part in creating the local musical business, when it comes to his humanitarian endeavours.

All that she wants are merely 1000 chicks to launch a project.

Chivayo has been distributing automobiles, including top-of-the-range vehicles, to local performers in the previous few months.

He has also paid up a large sum of money to these musicians.

Mai Mashakada claims widows have been kept out of the feast even though their late spouses had a tremendous effect on the local musical industry.

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“Chivayo has been doing well with his donations but he must also remember widows like us by donating at least 1000 chicks, so that we start new projects,” she added.

She stated the drug scourge in the coutry was killing her slowly as she cannot bear to witness how it is ruining local communities.

Mai Mashakada told H-Metro:

“I am in pain because of the children who are abusing drugs and illicit substances.

“Boys and girls must stop abusing drugs because Zimbabwe is for you not for us the elderly.

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“I am worried about the youths who are breaking into their grandparents’ bedrooms and raping them.”

On a good side, she is delighted following her reunion with her late husband’s children.

“I no longer like to discuss the alleged conflicts with my beloved children who were left for me by Cephas Mashakada.

“The children came and apologised to me and we made up,” she claimed.

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