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Mai TT’s Blunt Warning to Fifi’s Ex-boyfriend: “Too Late, Everything is Printed”

Mai TT's Blunt Warning to Fifi's Ex-boyfriend: "Too Late, Everything is Printed"

Due to claims that Mai Tt’s daughter Fifi’s photos were leaked, well-known Zimbabwean social media star Mai TT—real name Felistas Murata—took to her platform to exact revenge.

Mhaka, on the other hand, disputes any role in the pictures’ distribution.

Mai TT sent a harsh message to Mhaka via her social media account, writing,

“Too late, everything is printed. Kounovhundukeyi usina mhosva hako komachats wadzimireyi hako awakatumira 😂.” Kana usina mhosva huyaka kwawadeedzwa kurikutizeyihako. Kusweroposta yauri kudiwa police station haisi facebook. Instead, plead with your henchmen to make a donation on your behalf, Mari Ye Lawyer Rakasimba, as I am positive you are unable to pay. Don’t run, Murifeeeee.”

Mai TT has responded to Mhaka’s denial of involvement in the purported leak with this audacious comment. Their respective fan bases as well as the larger community are taking notice of the situation, which has turned into a public spat.

Many people have expressed their displeasure and demanded accountability on social media in response to the scandal around the leaked images. Mai TT’s assertive demeanor is indicative of the gravity of the circumstance and her resolute pursuit of justice for her daughter.

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It’s unclear how Mhaka will react to Mai TT’s warning given the ongoing tensions and whether any legal action will be pursued in light of the claims.

For the time being, attention is firmly focused on this heated conversation between two well-known personalities on Zimbabwe’s social media scene.

In other news, Social media personality MAI TT has made serious accusations against fellow social media influencer Patricia Jack, alleging her involvement in a scandalous incident concerning the leaking of nude images of MAI TT’s daughter, Fifi.

Patricia Jack allegedly contacted MAI TT on April 9 over Instagram, claiming to have incriminating pictures of Fifi. MAI TT declined to reply to Jack’s communication. But soon after, she got a call that she thought was from Jack, requesting a large payment of US$5000 to stop the pictures from being shared online readmore


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