Mapostori Beats Up 2 Assassins After They Pointed A Gun At Madzibaba Moses

Police have arrested and detained two people after they allegedly pointed a gun at one of President Mnangagwa’s loyalists, ‘Madzibaba Moses,” of Highfield.

Madzibaba Moses, who is currently one of the top brass for Mapostori for ED crossed paths with the two assassins while conducting door-to-door prayers in Warren Park.

In a video seen by ZiMetro News, the two guys were beaten by Madzibaba’s followers before one of them flew the scene after receiving a thorough beating.

Below is the video:

The two men allegedly accused Madzibaba Moses of bewitching them after they left his congregation, which has a large following and holds services near Gwanzura Stadium in Highfields. They face charges for pointing a firearm.

In other news,

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