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Marry Mubaiwa Caught Kissing ‘DOCTOR’ Hired to ‘KILL’ Chiwenga in S.A

Marry Mubaiwa and Constantino Chiwenga

Marry Mubaiwa Caught Kissing ‘DOCTOR’ Hired to ‘KILL’ Chiwenga in S.A

In an interesting development, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s trial against his ex-wife Marry Mubaiwa has opened a can of worms about how she hired a veterinary doctor while being admitted in South Africa, the court heard.

Former Health and Child Care Deputy Minister Dr John Mangwiro said Mubaiwa introduced one Dr Bruce Peck as the best in South Africa and would give the complainant treatment from time to time.

Dr Mangwiro told the court that Dr Willi Leo Seiling suspected something mysterious about Dr Peck when he saw him kissing Mubaiwa.

He further submitted that he later learned that Dr Peck was a veterinary doctor after Mubaiwa introduced him as a family medical practitioner.

He said Mubaiwa often requested confidential time with Vice President Chiwenga.

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The State seeks to summon Vice President Chiwenga to testify on December 7 for trial continuation.

During the last sitting, Dr Mangwiro told the court that each time Mubaiwa went inside the room in which the Vice President was admitted, he would be fit but when she left, he would be unconscious and obtunded.

Dr Mangwiro said the complainant’s health condition would start deteriorating each time he was brought back to his house.

“Each time we took the complainant out of the country for medication, he would come back home well but he would start deteriorating when he got home. I don’t know what was happening,” he said.

He said Mubaiwa was powerful that she would kick everyone out of the hospital room.

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At one point the accused refused to take the complainant to hospital but instead opted to take him to a hotel saying she wanted to rest.

Mubaiwa is facing charges of attempting to kill VP Chiwenga by unplugging his life support system in a South African hospital.

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