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Mount Hampden Development Surge Sparks New Capital Advantage

Mount Hampden Development Surge Sparks New Capital Advantage

The development surge in and around Mount Hampden, heralded by Zimbabwe’s hosting of the SADC Summit for Heads of State and Government in August, marks the initiation of rapid progress toward establishing a new capital.

Mount Hampden, significantly enhanced by the construction of the new Parliament building, has recently witnessed a surge in construction activities, notably the development of Nemakonde Way, linking it to major highways leading to central Harare.

With the forthcoming SADC Summit in mind, projects are being expedited to ensure smooth transportation for visiting Heads of State and Government and their delegations, facilitating access to the Summit facilities situated in and around Parliament at Mount Hampden.

Cabinet ministers have emphasized that this development is not ephemeral, tied solely to the conclusion of the summit. Instead, it serves as a sustainable foundation for the ongoing growth of the new city.

Minister of Local Government and Public Works, Winston Chitando, underscored that the infrastructure advancements in and around Mount Hampden are pivotal not only for the SADC summit but also as a springboard for the new city’s development.

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He noted, “These are structures which will service not only what we have now but are in the greater plans of servicing the new city.”

The government has lauded the quality of work delivered by local construction companies engaged in road construction, expressing confidence that these roads can endure up to 20 years before requiring significant rehabilitation.

Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister, Felix Mhona, elaborated on the road rehabilitation efforts, highlighting their durability and the expected lifespan of the roads.

Furthermore, multinational companies have shown interest in participating in the construction of the new city. Mabetex Group, headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland, is reportedly keen to engage in constructing additional amenities in Mount Hampden.

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Known for handling mega projects, the Swiss-based company is in negotiations with the government to participate in various projects, including the construction of a hotel, conferencing facilities, and Zimbabwe’s chanceries in four missions abroad, as noted by President Mnangagwa.

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