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Say No to Drugs : 19 Drug Dealers Arrested

Say No to Drugs Abuse: 19 Drug Dealers Arrested

In the latest crackdown against drug-related activities, an additional 19 drug dealers have faced sentencing, ranging from community service to hefty fines, as part of the ongoing efforts to combat the illicit drug trade.

According to a statement from national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, law enforcement continues its strategy of publicly identifying and penalizing drug lords and suppliers. This approach, previously implemented on January 22 and March 19 with published lists, aims to deter and expose those involved in drug-related crimes.

Among those sentenced are individuals like Wandile Dakamela, Tsitsi Kwaramba, and Edgar Mwapamba, each facing different charges related to drug possession. Sentences vary, with some receiving jail terms while others face fines or community service. The severity of sentencing takes into account factors such as the type and quantity of drugs involved, reflecting the potential impact on future drug dealing activities.

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Assistant Commissioner Nyathi emphasized the police force’s unwavering commitment to combating drug and substance abuse, urging the public to continue providing information about drug suppliers and barons through dedicated channels.

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Earlier this year, in January, 24 individuals were similarly named and shamed for their involvement in drug-related offenses, highlighting the government’s persistent efforts in tackling this issue.

Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Kazembe Kazembe reiterated the government’s stance against drug trafficking, emphasizing the relentless pursuit of those involved in peddling drugs within or through Zimbabwe.

In addition to enforcement measures, awareness campaigns are being conducted nationwide to educate the public about the dangers of drug abuse, aiming to mitigate its harmful effects on society. Recent operations led by the CID Drugs and Narcotics section, under the banner “No to drug and substance abuse,” have resulted in the apprehension of several suspects involved 19 Drug Dealers.


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