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Nyandoro Acquitted as State Fails to Prove Theft Case

Harare businessman 'Martin Murimirambeva' in Court over US$ 1,5 million fraud charges

Harare Provincial magistrate Ms. Ethel Chichera has acquitted Ronald Nyandoro of theft of trust property at the close of the State’s case.

Nyandoro had been accused of stealing a motor vehicle, but the magistrate ruled that the State failed to establish a prima facie case against him and could not prove the essential elements of the charge.

Ms. Chichera also determined that the complainant was misleading the court, stating that the State could not disprove Nyandoro’s defense. She emphasized that the case did not involve theft of trust property and noted that the complainant acknowledged receiving services from Nyandoro. The magistrate asserted that a criminal court should not be used to reverse agreements made between parties.

Nyandoro, represented by lawyer Mr. Admire Rubaya, pleaded not guilty, arguing that the complainant, James Landon, had given him the car as payment for services rendered. During the trial, the State’s first witness, Mr. Kirk West, suggested that Landon was retaliating against Nyandoro for disclosing details about the vehicle transaction.

West also mentioned losing two cars to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission due to paperwork issues, accusing Landon of abusing the criminal justice system.

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The second witness, Mr. Lance Malloch Brown, testified under cross-examination that he knew nothing about the dealings between Landon and Nyandoro and was unaware of any agreement or the whereabouts of the original registration book.

Nyandoro denied being entrusted with the motor vehicle, a Toyota Land Cruiser AET 3438, for return to the complainant. He claimed that Landon gave him the vehicle as payment for consultancy services related to a dispute involving another businessman, Adam Woodington, which had led to Landon’s arrest.

Nyandoro stated that he became the vehicle’s owner in November 2022 and received a duplicate registration book in 2023 as part of his payment.

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