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Plaxedes Doobae….Who Is She?!

Plaxedes Doobae....Who Is She?!

Biography and Profile of Plaxedes Doobae Zimbabwean Socialite and Plus Size Model

Early Life and Career

Plaxedes Doobae, born Mphentle Plaxedes Dube, is a Zimbabwean socialite and influencer who has gained popularity in recent years for her luxurious lifestyle and fashionable appearance and saucy pictures. Information about her personal life and background is limited, but she was married to one Hastings Rwizi(see below).

Plaxedes Doobae....Who Is She?!

Philanthropy Work

Doobae has become known for her work as a philanthropist, supporting various causes in Zimbabwe. She has been known to donate to charitable causes and provide support to underprivileged individuals in her community.

Fashion Sense and Outstanding Curves and Physique

Doobae’s fashion sense and Outstanding Curves and Physique have also garnered attention, with her bold and daring clothing choices often making headlines in Zimbabwean media.

Plaxedes Doobae....Who Is She?!

Controversy and Mixed Reactions

In November 2022, Doobae together with fellow slay queen, Chido Chidziva, attended a Rick Ross concert held on Friday the 18th of November 2022 at the HICC in Harare, Zimbabwe, wearing an outfit inspired by the South African dancer and socialite Zodwa Wabantu, which sparked controversy and mixed reactions from the public.


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Roora Squad Scandal

In April 2021, the Roora of Hastings Rwizi and Plaxedes Dube(Doobae) was anything but a typical wedding ceremony. Things got quite eventful after one of the female guests(Roora squad) dropped a bombshell revelation that the groom(Hastings)’s child wasn’t actually his. Social media was abuzz with reports that a DNA test had confirmed the shocking information, and pictures of the couple started circulating widely with particular emphasis on Doobae’s unusual physique.

Hastings and Doobae broke up and divorced and Just when things were getting even more scandalous, reports surfaced that the whole incident may have been a lie and that Doobae had been vindicated by DNA tests.

But, in true viral fashion, the news had already spread far and wide, resulting in even more being aware of the growing culture of the Roora squad.

Controversial Socilalite 'Plaxedes Doobae' says, Nigerian Men Are the Best Lovers!

Despite the conflicting reports, this event only added to the intrigue and fascination surrounding Plaxedes and the Roora Squad, cementing their status as some of the most talked-about figures in Zimbabwe’s social scene.

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While Plaxedes Doobae’s rise to fame has been relatively recent, she has become a prominent figure in Zimbabwe’s social scene, with her luxurious lifestyle and fashionable appearance making her a subject of fascination for many.

Despite her controversial reputation, Doobae’s charitable work demonstrates a desire to make a positive impact in her community and support those in need.

Controversial Socilalite 'Plaxedes Doobae' says, Nigerian Men Are the Best Lovers!

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