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Controversial Socilalite ‘Plaxedes Doobae’ says, Nigerian Men Are the Best Lovers!

Controversial Socilalite 'Plaxedes Doobae' says, Nigerian Men Are the Best Lovers!

Controversial socialite and influencer Plaxedes Dube, better known as Plaxedes Doobae, has sparked outrage on social media by saying that Nigerian men are unrivaled when it comes to love and passion.

Plaxedes Doobae has established herself as a trendsetter and outspoken character in Zimbabwean pop culture, with a large following on numerous social media platforms.

Plaxedes Doobae claims that once a woman falls in love with a Nigerian guy, it is quite difficult for her to return to her prior romantic tendencies.

She claimed loudly on her Twitter account:

“Once loved by a Nigerian, it’s hard to go back to the roots. Those men respect and honor you at levels you’ve never seen before.”

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This statement sparked mixed reactions on social media, with both support and opposition flooding different platforms.

Plaxedes Doobae appeared to defend Nigerian men against claims of fraud in a prior article, presenting the question,

“What if they commit 419? “What are you going to do?”

Her latest comment about Nigerian men’s superior love abilities, on the other hand, has sparked a heated controversy among Zimbabweans.

Plaxedes Doobae’s remark elicited a wide range of reactions. Teflon Don-Black Stallion, a Twitter user, voiced skepticism and attacked the link of money with love, writing,

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“You confuse money and love..Nonsense!u must read Americanah by Ngozi Chimamanda. Nigeria men are predators they target naive, vulnerable and gullible women. In the book she pointed out that Zimbabwe women are a group of most sought because they are regarded as loose gullible women desperate for sex. Nurses in UK are the most targeted for their security reasons, after they get their rights to live in UK, they go back to Nigeria to marry from their tribe.u got chain of suitors who are using u for their gains not love, DUMB!Nigerians are pure criminals.”

This was supported by Nyenze who argued that Zimbabwean men are the best,

“Spot on . Most nigerian men are con artists. So to keep everything in the closet they tend to give an extra until they are done with that woman. I mean until the lady is jailed for drug trafficking of involved in a serious crime where she can not be rescued. Zimbabwean men are the best under the sun , very genuine kana achikuda.”

Source | iHarare

Plaxedes Doobae ealier made headlines after her Roora Squad is alleged to have spilled her darkest secret to new husband

After drinking, the roora squad allegedly revealed the paternity of Mpho Dube, also known as Plaxedes’ kid.

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When they were playing the confessions game following the roora negotiations, something occurred.

They informed Hastings, the purported husband, that the infant he had been caring for for quite some time was not his.

Controversial Socilalite'Plaxedes Doobae' says, Nigerian Men Are the Best Lovers!

Hastings needed to know whether the squad was correct, and a DNA test verified that the groom was not the father.

Some social media influencers dug deep into the narrative and discovered the child’s real father, Bryan, and it is believed that Plaxedes ditched him for Hastings because Hastings was wealthy.

When the news broke on social media, the speculation began, with individuals questioning the genuineness of the person who spilled the beans.

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The concept of having a roora team, wearing similar clothing, has sparked societal discussion about whether the squad is required.

Additional reporting by ZiMetro News.

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