Police raid Matapi flats

Police yesterday raided suspected drug dealers in Mbare, Harare, as they intensify the crackdown against drug suppliers and peddlers.

The number of people arrested yesterday will be released today.

On Wednesday, police arrested 366 people bringing the total number of people arrested on drug charges to 1 389 since last Friday.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the Mbare raids included Nzimbe in Matapi, Mbare Musika and some houses that were being used to make illicit brews.

“Some of the houses we raided were being used by people as waiting rooms, but are now being occupied by some families who are now engaging in criminal activities such as brewing illicit and dangerous substances, which promote drug and substance abuse and related criminal activities.”

This week, police warned cross-border bus and truck drivers, who are believed to be part of the drugs smuggling syndicate, to stop the practice or face dire consequences.

Police and other authorities have since increased surveillance and checks at all border posts as the operation against drug suppliers and peddlers intensifies.

There have been reports that most of the drivers are paid to smuggle illicit substances into the country for delivery to dealers and peddlers. Other bus drivers on intercity routes are also part of the distribution network.

The Police statement reads:

After the media expose last night, the ZRP raided Nzimbe area in Matapi, Mbare Musika, along the road linking Chicken Slice and OK Mbare, where some residence which were previously used as waiting rooms are now occupied by some families who are using them to engage in illicit brew activities, which promote drug and substance abuse and related criminal activities.

The police recovered four truck loads of illicit brew and made several arrests. The exact number of arrests will be released tomorrow.

Meanwhile, 08/02/23, 366 arrests were made country-wide on the operation, “No to dangerous drugs and illicit substances,” bringing the cumulative arrests to 1 389.

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