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Zim dancehall artist, Poptain, has urged young people to desist from taking drugs

He made this call yesterday as the nation was celebrating National Youth Day.

The chanter promised to use his influence to help save the young generation.

“As we celebrate the National Youth Day, youths need to know that drugs are a killer.

“To those who are relying on drugs, it means you are losing yourself.

“One thing I can say is stop killing your future, nothing good will become of you if you continue using drugs,” he said.

Zimdancehall artist, Shinsoman, also made a remark about creating social structures to deal with issues that fuel drug and substance abuse among the youths.

“Using drugs is never an option, my advice is that our elders should open academies to help our youths.

“The academies must consist of football clubs that can help as a distraction to them.

“It is important for people to have social structures that help them cope with different problems that they will be facing, for example financial problems.

“The youth are the future of our country, so doing drugs is simply killing our children’s future,” he said.

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