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Government’s Effort to Ensuring Universal Health Access

Government's Effort to Ensuring Universal Health Access Lupane Provincial Hospital

Lupane Provincial Hospital stands as a testament to the government’s considerable investments in healthcare since 1980, showcasing significant strides in Zimbabwe’s health sector.

This landmark construction endeavor seeks to relieve the burden on referral hospitals such as Mpilo Central Hospital and United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH). With its provision of specialist diagnostic equipment, public hospitals are steadily progressing towards achieving universal health coverage.

Lupane Provincial Hospital completion will not only cater to the rural province’s needs but also provide training for healthcare specialists, enhancing service quality. Minister Richard Moyo highlighted the government’s dedication to healthcare development, particularly in regions like Matabeleland, underscoring the significance of infrastructure projects like the Lupane hospital.

Under the Second Republic, Lupane has witnessed transformative growth, with stalled projects gaining momentum due to increased funding.

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Minister Moyo revealed that the hospital’s first phase, including the pharmacy, casualty department, and staff quarters, is nearing completion, promising specialist services accessible to locals by year-end.

Furthermore, the government’s efforts extend to upgrading Mpilo and UBH, securing cutting-edge equipment like MRI scanners. These improvements aim to enhance healthcare delivery, reducing the need for costly private services. Bulawayo’s provincial medical director, Dr. Maphios Siamuchembu, emphasized the post-independence shift towards inclusive social services, particularly in education and healthcare.

As Zimbabwe celebrates 44 years of independence, Dr. Siamuchembu urged reflection on milestones achieved, highlighting recent upgrades at Mpilo and UBH, including new laboratory facilities and service expansions. He encouraged public engagement to optimize healthcare service provision, demonstrating a commitment to addressing community needs.

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