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Prophet Magaya Dupes Investors Off US$3 million Using President’s Name!

Prophet Magaya Dupes Investors Off US$3 million Using President's Name!

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries Founder, Fraudster ‘Prophet Walter Magaya’ is in serious trouble for a US$3 million fraudulent scheme.

HARARE | Politically shielded, Walter Magaya, the founder of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries, is under fire for allegedly defrauding Israeli investors of US$3 million in a bungled mining transaction.

The matter is on trial before the High Court with Case Reference No. HCH621/23.

A letter received claims that Magaya pretended to be constructing a gold mine when it requested US$3 million from investors in early 2022.

The Israeli investors would own the remaining 57% of the shares, with the creator of PHD Ministries owning the majority.

The consul general of Zimbabwe, Ambassador Ronny Aharon Levi Musan, allegedly obtained US$3 million from Israel for the disastrous transaction, according to Chanawa Law Chambers, which is defending the diplomat.

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Prophet Magaya Dupes Investors Off US$3 million Using President's Name!

He provided it to Magaya so that the self-styled prophet could use it to finance a specific mining project in Zimbabwe that he said was profitable and feasible.

According to the attorneys’ letter, “Magaya attested to an irrevocable promissory note upon receipt of the funds, to which he acknowledged having received the full US$3 000 000,00 and to which he committed himself to a repayment of debt structure.”

“In anticipation of a long-term mining project whose goal was to offer employment prospects for many Zimbabweans, further agreements were made between the parties. Unfortunately, this experiment produced no worthwhile results.

Musan claimed that despite being duly and lawfully required, Magaya did not repay the amount.

The attorneys stated, “This made litigation inevitable, and the parties are currently awaiting trial proceedings before the High Court under Case reference No. HCH621/23.”

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Prophet Magaya Dupes Investors Off US$3 million Using President's Name!

According to the agreed agreement between the parties, Chawawa Law Chambers alleged that Magaya neglected to register a mortgage bond on the two immovable properties designated for encumbrance.

Only after the aforementioned HCH621/23 issue had been filed with the High Court did Mr. Magaya attempt to register a mortgage bond on one of the two homes.

However, the attorneys stated that “this action does not remedy the breach or alleviate [sic] him from his duty to repay the US$3 million with accrued interest promptly.”

“It looks like the mining project has died a stillbirth,” the consul stated, adding that no major mining activity has been triggered at the mine and that no operating permits have been obtained.

“It is still unclear whether Magaya ever made a sincere attempt to develop the mines or whether he had any rights in or to the mines he represented as owned by him.”

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Magaya is charged with willfully failing to register the joint venture corporation that was meant to oversee these mining operations.

“The investor, represented by Ambassador Ronny Aharon Musan Levi, made many journeys to Zimbabwe in an attempt to settle the matter prior to pursuing legal options. The attorneys said that over many meetings in Zimbabwe, Magaya made numerous promises to settle.

“Unfortunately, these commitments proved to be nothing more than ploys to cause delays, as Magaya was unable to keep all of the promises.”

Prophet Magaya Dupes Investors Off US$3 million Using President's Name!

Calls and texts to Magaya’s spokeswoman, Admire Mango, went unanswered, making it impossible to receive a response.

Later, Mango was at a prayer mountain getting ready for yesterday night’s crossover church service, according to a caller using the cellphone number 0717.

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This is not the first time the man of cloth has been involved in dubious and fraudulent activities as he has outstanding cases of RAPE, FRAUD and CORRUPTION.

Through a Company owned by the man of cloth, Planet Africa, the investment arm of Prophet Magaya’s church, scammed church members of Millions of dollars promising them stands, and finished houses in Bulawayo and Harare.

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The housing scandal came exactly a year after Prophet Magaya was accused of sexual misconduct.

On July 7 last 2019, Sarah Maruta and Charity Dlodlo, in different no-holds barred confessions, alleged sexual impropriety on the part of the prophet. Their confessions were to open a can of worms as several other women made similar confessions.

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