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Prophet ‘Obey Mukanhairi’ Pledges to Kill Zengeza ‘Ghost’

The 'Death Prophet' Strikes Again, Says Dark Clouds Hanging Over Babes Wodumo

Mellontika Orasi, also known as Prophet Obey Mukanhairi, has vowed to “kill” the alleged “ghost” that is allegedly plaguing the pupils at Mberi Primary School in Zengeza.

On Monday morning, the “ghost” caused mayhem at the school, inflicting injuries on one child in a panic.

It is said that the “ghost” took the shape of a lady.

Students in Grade 4 Yellow were so afraid of it that it interrupted classes and sent one of them to the clinic.

The youngsters and teacher were forced to escape the classroom when they observed the shadowy figure sitting at a table.

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After more inquisitive teachers and students assembled, nothing was observed.

According to some, it might be a case of Satanism.

Nevertheless, Prophet Obey Mukanhairi promised to “kill” the “ghost” for free on H-Metro’s Facebook page after the tale was published.

Yes, I did leave a remark on your article since I have assisted many families who have experienced this kind of haunting, which calls for an exorcism because it is a spirit.

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“That spirit can be exorcised and driven out of the area, just like a demon would.

“If the ghost is there, I am offering my assistance without charge.”

He stated that he would be interested in seeing the viewing times.

In order for us to travel there, I would also like to know the times that it is viewed.

“People lie sometimes, but graves can be close by and kana chiri chipoko chogona kuzivikanwa.”

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Therefore, in order to track the spirit of Titi Munhu Wacho Ndiani, we must find the grave.

We can assist even those schools who are struggling with zvidhoma, or Satanism.

Additionally, ngozi, since we are able to exorcise all of it via the power of Christ.

“Totochisungirira tochiuraya, chinotofa katwo, kana chiri chipoko.”

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