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Ritual murder?? Teacher Found Dead In Aspindale Maize Field

Ritual murder?? Teacher Found Dead In Aspindale Maize Field
Ritual murder?? Teacher Found Dead In Aspindale Maize Field

The husband of Magdalene Mandiveyi, an ECD teacher at Budiriro 4 Primary School who was discovered dead in a corn field in Aspindale on Friday after going missing, expressed his pain and confusion at her unsolved death.

The day Magdalene, 38, vanished, David Mupanganyemba, 45, informed H-Metro that she left the house early for work when he and their three-month-old child were still asleep.

Since I was off duty on Monday, she left the house and left me in bed, according to David.

“Handitombozivi kuti musi wacho akabuda mumba akapfeka zvakaitasei. I expected her around lunchtime to breastfeed the baby, but she never came. I called her cellphone number, but it was unreachable.

“I sent someone to look for her at the school and that is when we learnt that she had not reported for duty and began to wonder what had happened to her.

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“One of the senior teachers told us that Magdalene had phoned earlier in the morning saying she would report late for work. She told the senior teacher that she wanted to nurse the baby since our maid had not returned from her off.

“After informing my in-laws about this, we joined the search party, only to be called to Marimba Police Station on Friday to identify a body they had found. I went and identified the body as my wife. My life will never be the same without her,” said David.

He said his wife had not complained about anything nor showed any signs of distress in the days leading up to her disappearance and subsequent death.

“She was a very quiet and supportive woman, and I have no clue what could have happened to her,” he said.

A Budiriro 4 Primary student who boarded the same kombi with Magdalene in the morning she disappeared reportedly told a senior teacher that the driver ignored their calls to be dropped off at their usual point.

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The girl said the kombi later stopped and allowed her to alight while Magdalene remained seated.

Some mourners, including teachers from Budiriro 4 Primary, said they suspected Magdalene could have been killed for ritual purposes.

“We are appealing to law enforcement agencies to arrest the murderers. We are waiting for a post-mortem, but we strongly suspect that the teacher was killed for ritual purposes.

“It was raining the whole week, but her body had no mud whatsoever. She could have been killed elsewhere and dumped in the field,” said a mourner.

Magdalene joined the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education in 2016 after completing her teaching studies at Nyadire Teachers’ College in 2015.

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She first taught at Stratford Primary School in Banket and then moved to Royden Primary School near Whitehouse along the Harare-Bulawayo Road. She also taught at David Livingstone Primary School before being transferred to Budiriro 4 Primary.

Magdalene is survived by husband David and four children. Mourners are gathered at 13124 Budiriro 5B.

She is expected to be buried in her home village of Hauna, Honde Valley.

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