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Wicknell’s Wife Shares autistic son’s experience!

Sonja has spoken of her family experiences when her son was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum.

She revealed that while on holiday it was her sister who was brave enough to bring the delicate matter up, highlighting her son’s obsessive traits, did not want to be held, did not like noise and did not like crowds.

“I did not want to receive that information, I was like, No, that’s not my portion. I don’t know why you would say this and I don’t know who sent you………

I really wanna say that if you are aware of these types of traits, its the hardest thing to tell someone because its a hard pill to swallow. …..My sister doing that for my son changed his life forever.

Sometimes when we are given a label like autism, we are like, Oh My God what does it mean, you know, and I think, as a mom your first instinct is to want to protect your son or you child.

But everyone around me was brave enough to give me the pill I did not want to swallow.

Watch the two videos on the subject which are on her Youtube channel.

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