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Seh Calaz Album Reggae Dzinorira Already Making Waves In The Streets

31st of January will go down in the history of Zimbabwean music as one of the great nights in which two dancehall giants released their albums.

With Seh Calaz live at City Sports centre, Winky D delivered one of his career best performances at HICC.

Reggae Dzinorira album has been circulating on radio and many fans have embraced the album as one of his best.

With a show which was headlined by Chillspot and many other dancehall artists, Seh Calaz delivered a good performance.

From all of us at ZiMetro News, We wish you all a happy new year full of blessings, deals, connections and life changing encounters.

Seh Calaz is an award winning Zimdancehall artist who rose to stardom with songs such as Mabhanditi and Mumota Murikubvira and Kwatinobva Kwakasiyana Siyana. Seh Calaz is known in the contemporary Zimdancehall music arena for his signature “Check Check Check” lyrical chant which features in most of his songs.

In other news,

Mabrijo confirms dating and dumping DJ Towers

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Mabrijo confirms dating and dumping DJ Towers

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