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Fear Women! She Slept With Sangoma For Riches and Later Reported Him For Rape

Fear Women! She Slept With Sangoma For Riches and Later Reported Him For Rape

A Harare woman was told by a sangoma she needed to spend a night at a cemetery, naked, as part of a plot to get rich quickly.

She ended up being repeatedly raped by the sangoma.

Jimson Nyasara, the sangoma, told her it was important that she spent a night at a cemetery and she had to be naked.

After raping her, he allegedly continued to demand sex in a series of meetings, claiming it was necessary for the magic he was performing, to work.

Nyasara charged the woman US$800 and US$100 as consultation fee.

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He allegedly repeatedly raped her after convincing her that he needed to mix her vaginal fluids and his semen for the ritual to work.

The woman had approached Nyasara, who operates from Fidelity Phase 2, in July, last year.

Nyasara assured her that he would give her a charm that would make her very rich.

He invited the woman to his place again in November last year and told her to book a room at a certain lodge.

After she booked a room, the woman called Nyasara, who joined her and told her that he had to sleep with her so that he could collect his semen and mix it with her vaginal fluids.

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He claimed he would take this to Mozambique where he would get the charm for quick riches.

The woman agreed to have protected sex and Nyasara asked her to wipe herself with a cloth and then poured contents from the condom onto the cloth.

He allegedly raped her again in December last year and in January.

When the quick riches didn’t materialise, she reported Nyasara to the police for rape and he was arrested.

He was charged with fraud and three counts of rape when he appeared in court yesterday, and remanded out of custody to July 12, for trial commencement.

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