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Shingi Munyeza Property Raises Questions! Who Bought The House? Why Is He Still Staying There?

Shingi Munyeza Property Raises Questions! Who Bought The House? Why Is He Still Staying There?

Harare | Shingi Munyeza, a businessman and religious figure, sold his Borrowdale Brooke home for $625,000 in June of last year, according to documents seen by ZiMetro News.

However, questions have been raised as to who bought the house and the household properties. As it stands, Shingi Munyeza is said to be staying at the house, which has raised questions.

After buying a house, one would immediately move in or move the properties they bought to their current location but in this case Shingi has not only been living in that house but also using the goods he sold.

For US$10 630, Shingi consigned a collection of his furniture to Connect Microfinance Zambia, which included refrigerators and couches.

Documents, however, also indicate that he only began residing there as a renter last month, for which he is currently paying a monthly rate of US$1,500.

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After business executive Marjorie Mutemererwa attached the home and moveable goods, Connect Microfinance Zambia stepped in to help.

Connect Microfinance made the following notes in their documents:

l The claimant (Connect Microfinance Zambia) acquired the property from the 1st defendant (Munyeza) at the same time they acquired immovable property on the 6th of October 2022.

l The claimant is not a party to the proceedings under HC 1696/23 and have nothing to do with the judgment creditor.

l The claimant is the owner of the property which it purchased from Shingirai Albert Munyeza, the property belongs to the claimant and is not the property of the defendants.

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l On this premise, the claimant implores the Office of the Sheriff to assist the interpleader proceedings.

l Thus, the claimant, therefore, lays a claim to the property attached by the Sheriff in terms of the notice of attachment. Further, the judgment debtors are not (never owned) the property together with its fixtures and fittings which were attached by the Sheriff on 28 July 2023.


The agreement of sale shows that the total purchase price for the household assets was US$10 630 and the deal was a cash sale.

The parties agreed that the effective date of their agreement was the 25th of June 2022.

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And, upon receipt of payment of the assets, Munyeza was supposed to have them transferred to a location chosen by the buyers within seven days.

The deed also shows that the Munyezas received full payment on July 17.

The company, through a local lawyer, made the document public after the same property was about to be attached for another debt he owes.

“Connect Microfinance Zambia is aware that Wilma Munyeza was served a writ of execution by the office of the Sheriff for Zimbabwe on the 27th of July 2023 with respect to judgment granted by the honourable court in favour of Marjorie Mutemererwa against Shingi and Wilma cited above on the 20th of July 2023.

“Connect Microfinance Zambia acquired the property from Shingi Munyeza at the same time as they acquired the immovable property on the 6th of October 2022.

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“It seeks an order declaring the attached moveable assets, which are owned by the Claimant, to be the Claimant’s property and not supposed to be the defendants.

“Based on the foregoing the Claimant prays that the attached property be released from attachment.”

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