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Shingi Munyeza Rumored to be a Director of the Company He Sold His House to!

Shingi Munyeza Property Raises Questions! Who Bought The House? Why Is He Still Staying There?

Zimbabweans think Shingi Munyeza is lying when he claims he sold his home to a con artist who owes him money.

Shingi Munyeza, a businessman and preacher, claims he sold his lavish home in Borrowdale Brooke Estate, Harare, as well as a number of household items to a Zambian company and his neighbour, but social media specialists in Zimbabwe believe he is lying.

They have concluded that he lied to avoid paying an executive businesswoman named Ms. Marjorie Mutemererwa a debt of $100,000 USD by pretending to sell his house to Connect Microfinance Zambia, a Zambian company where he may hold a directorship.

According to reports, Munyeza and his wife are still renting the same house and paying US$1500 a month in rent.

The High Court successfully granted Connect Microfinance Zambia permission to seize both mobile and immovable property, including common household items like mugs and pans.

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Just before Ms. Mutemererwa went to the residence to attach the same property, the Zambian firm was able to obtain its attachment order.

According to social media observers, he did this to prevent Ms. Mutemererwa from receiving anything from him because “his company” had already attached it.

Facts About Shingi Munyeza’s Deal
➡️ In June 2022, Shingi Munyeza sold his Borrowdale Brooke mansion home for US$625 000 to Connect Microfinance Zambia.

➡️ The deal included his household property (sofas, chairs, fridge etc.) which he sold for US$10 630.

➡️ The Zambian company acquired the house and properties from Munyeza on 6 October 2022.

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➡️ In July 2023, business exec Marjorie Mutemererwa attached Munyeza’s house after a High Court judgement when Shingi failed to pay a US$100,000 debt

➡️ After the house and properties were attached, Connect Microfinance Zambia approached the sheriff, asserting that it owned the house and properties.

➡️ Currently, Shingi Munyeza is renting the Borrowdale Brooke house he sold to Connect Microfinance Zambia for US$1500 a month.

Social Media Experts Respond
According to some of the ‘experts’ a big scam has taken place;

Thabani Mnyama👨🏾‍✈️👨🏾‍⚖️@thabanimnyama

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I smell a big zhet (scam) here, but I can only say allegedly because I don’t have facts and evidence and I don’t want to be sued hangu. @TafadzwaX_over to you counsel 🤝🏾😬


I think Shingi is trying to hide his assets. Go and unveil the ownership of the Zambian firm, he could be the owner.

Tapiwa Munjoma@TapiwaMunjoma

It is so audible to the deaf and visible to the blind that Shingi never sold that property!!

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Brighton Musonza@bmusonza

The law is straight forward on assets disposed just before insolvency or a court process – he sold the assets during court proceedings and so the court will see the transfer of properties to the Zambian micro finance as prejudicing other creditors. It’ll be rendered null and void

Gorden Nyabunze 🇿🇼@GNyabunze

A lot of questions about the Zambian company

Munyeza’s Property Attached
Munyeza and his wife Wilma were in July this year ordered by the High Court to pay a US$ 100,000 debt they owe business executive Ms Marjorie Mutemererwa.

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According to the legal documents, the microfinance concern claimed that the assets at Unit 2, Arkenstone, 970 Borrowdale Brooke, Borrowdale, Harare, listed for attachment, belong to it.

“The claimant (Connect Microfinance Zambia) is the lawful owner of immovable property called as undivided 8.35% being share No. 2 in Stand 97 Borrowdale Brooke Township situated in the District of Salisbury, also known as Unit 2, Arkenstone 970 Borrowdale Brooke.”

Ms Mutemerewa only managed to attach a Ford Ranger, which Munyeza claimed belonged to the bank.

It was sold for US$16 500, as Ms Mutemererwa battles to recover the US$100 000 she is owed by the Munyeza couple.

The religious couple made headlines earlier this year after Ms Mutemererwa took them to court seeking to recover her money.

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The couple was refusing to pay Mutemererwa back her money despite having promised to do so at the end of January this year.

List Of Shingi Munyeza’s Attached Properties
Munyeza’s dire situation was worsened when a company, Connect Microfinance Zambia, successfully obtained a High Court order to attach immovable and movable property that includes even household items such as cups and pots.

Among the property attached on July 27, a few days after losing his case against Ms Mutemererwa, is a Ford Ranger vehicle, 6 Samsung TVs, 2 single chairs, a 3-seater, a soundbar, a wooden bedroom suite, a cream couch, a striped couch, a dining suite and 8 chairs, 5 single seaters, 2 dining room sofas, a Hisense small silver fridge, a Siemens double door fridge, a Siemens dishwasher, a Siemens washing machine, a Siemens dryer, an LG Microwave, a Kelvinator small fridge, a Hoover, a Lawnmower, a gas braai stand and gas tank, 6 seater outdoor chairs + table, 4 rugs, a 4 piece veranda sofa, seven-seater garden chairs + table, Fibre chairs + table.

Connect Microfinance Zambia Limited declared its interest in Munyeza’s property through an inter-pleader that showed it was also owed huge sums of money by the businessman.

The attachment of the house and movable property by Connect Microfinance Zambia emerged after Ms Mutemererwa, on the strength of a writ of execution, went to the house to attach the same property.

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Munyeza Faces Civil Imprisonment
The development culminated in both parties hammering a settlement agreement for Munyeza to avoid the apparently looming civil imprisonment.

The legal counsel from both sides consented to the deed of settlement which awaits approval from the court.

Munyeza has committed to make his first payment by September 30 in terms of the deed of settlement signed by both parties’ legal counsel.

In the event Munyeza fails to settle his first payment, Ms Mutemererwa will be at liberty to pursue civil imprisonment.

Ms Mutemererwa lent Munyeza the money on January 22 after his wife, Wilma, convinced her that they wanted to attend to an emergency.

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How Munyeza Duped Ms Mutemererwa
Ms Mutemererwa transferred the money to Munyeza’s bank account in Botswana.

She lent Munyeza the money on the basis that they knew each other and worked together on community issues.

Munyeza had agreed and promised to settle his debt with a generous interest of US$15 000 by January 31, a promise which he reneged on.

However, in July, a High Court order by Justice David Mangota ruled that the Munyezas should pay the money including interest.

Ms Mutemererwa approached the court in March this year suing the couple for refusing to pay back a loan that she gave them in January 2023.

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