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So Holy Ten And Mabrijo used to…Never Mind!

So Holy Ten And Mabrijo used to...Never Mind!

Bridget Panashe “Mabrijo” Marufu, a controversial social media influencer, has revealed that talented rapper Holy Ten is her ex-boyfriend, since the two were formerly in a romantic relationship.

During an interview with Dj Ollah 7 on Star FM’s After Drive Season 2, the outspoken socialite spilled the beans about her hidden affair with Holy Ten.

On Tuesday night, Mabrijo made the astounding assertions. The story has piqued the curiosity of fans of the rapper, who has been in the headlines recently for a number of reasons.

Mabrijo acknowledged that Holy Ten is her ex-boyfriend and that the two were formerly romantically involved.

The socialite revealed that the two broke up when Holy Ten ended things because he believed Mabrijo wasn’t attractive enough for him.

However, the socialite refused to go into detail about the relationship with Mujaya. She insisted that even though she has Snapchat videos to prove her claims, she will not be releasing them because she is not a bitter ex-girlfriend.

Mabrijo also said that since the breakup with Holy Ten, she has moved on with her life and bears no ill feelings towards him. In fact, Mabrijo went on to say that she has great respect for Holy Ten and wishes him well in his nuptials following his recent marriage to Kimberly Richards.

Said Mabrijo,

“Holy Ten is my ex. I can’t talk about it. We used to date. Takambodanana naHoly Ten zvakudharawo. Inini ndavanematurity, Olla, ukaita superstar unoita kamwe kakudzikama, even though ndine maSnapchat videos, I am not that small, Olla, ukarambana nemunhu move on nehupenyu wako, kuzobudisa mascreenshots who bitter, Olla. I respect him and is marriage.”

Mabrijo’s discovery comes at a time when the Holy Ten has been in the headlines for a number of reasons, largely unfavorable.

Rumors of a love triangle involving Holy Ten, Kimberly Richards, and his adversary Voltz JT have circulated, spurred by a leaked video of Voltz kissing Kimberly.

Holy Ten has not yet responded to the charges or the video.

Furthermore, Holy Ten has been accused of being a deadbeat father by his purported baby mother, Chelsea Tariro, but he has not reacted to these charges either.

Yesterday, a prominent prophet who made news for ‘prophesying’ the deaths of several South African celebrities declared that Holy Ten and Kimberly’s marriage is going to fail.

In other news,

Lawyer ‘Rodney Saratoga Makausi’ sues Kikky


Rapper Christabell ‘Kikky Bada**’ Stembeni Mahlungwa has been sued over an Instagram post in which she accused lawyer, Rodney Saratoga Makausi, of trying to solicit mjolo favours from her.

Lawyer'Rodney Saratoga Makausi' sues Kikky

Kikky posted a picture of Rodney on March 2, claiming she’d rebuffed mjolo demands from him.

In a letter of demand, through his lawyers, Saratoga Makausi Law Chambers, Rodney is demanding an apology, retraction and removal of the post within four days after receiving the correspondence….Full Story

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