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The Book of Malachi a hit! Holy Ten On Cloud Nine!

Fans endorse newly dropped album

Holy Ten, the ZIM Hip Hop phenomenon, has gotten favorable reaction from fans since the publication of his new 10-track album, “The Book of Malachi,” last Friday.

His followers say his songs have tremendous lyrical substance that connects to real-life circumstances.

His song, Zvivindi, focuses on how people ruin the relationships of others.

“Une zvivindi zvekutofunga vanhu vevanhu. Une zvivindi zvekuda kufuga jira repano.

“Une zvivindi, zvekuda kupfuura panopera muganhu, une zvivindi asi zvivindi zveiko?” sings the rapper in one of the verses.

His fans believe these are real challenges that people are facing in relationships.

l Below are some of comments about Holy Ten’s album:

This is our Holy Ten, the one who sang “Kumba kune vanhu” and “Ndaremerwa”. The real leader of youths. All Holy Ten fans will love this one. – Uncle Bylow.


Holy Ten is a lyrical genius. The sound is so calm yet it is so deep. Well done leader of the youths. – DAC Daniels Music.


Mujaya never disappoints, the vocals, the message, the tune. Everything manyama, well done mujaya. – Sailas Matsika.


On behalf of all wives, I approve this masterpiece. – Sandra Mgurupati.


Salutations from Namibia. I cannot understand the language but somehow, I can feel the message behind the words. Ten, you are insightful. – Wesley Innocend.

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