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The ‘Freeman’ Home Coming Show that Turned Ugly!

The 'Freeman' Home Coming Show that Turned Ugly!

There was commotion at Freeman’s DZ show this past weekend as the crowd stormed bottles and cans on the stage.

In response Freeman had this to say:

How do your expect the mob to react after you do this to them?? Definitely they will retaliate,As a security u are there for the people but wakutovarwisa? Honestly u did not do well Mr Security, whoever u are makaita zvakafa !!

People paid their money 5Us haisi mari shoma ka to watch their Artists imi moita mapopayi akadai nxa pepperspray yei kuvanhu vasina kana mhosva? The Home coming turned to be a Home shaming nekusafunga kwevamwe varume!

Seh Calaz has responded to this message, in his post he had this to say:

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Gadzirisai pamakakanya dont shift the blame ,hauna kubvira waita threat kwandiri and you will never be,taqatosiyana,enda kuggetto kwako unonzwa why zvaqaitika zvaqaitika ,beisides zve paper spray ,hauchapinde ghetto ,ma artist e ghetto rako wakamajamba,and kungotadza kutaura nevanhu.

Makaramba kuimba after inini like always ndikaenda kumba ,ndikafonerwa kuma 3am , ndiuye kuzoimba paikandwa mabhodhoro ,that was suicidal,saka ndaironga kuti vanhu vakuteme for what ,i will never be you inini ndini inini Mabhanditi hatisati tambotema munhu tisu tototemwa .Stop spreading hate ne badness.

In other news that has gripped the country,

Financial Intelligence Unit Investigating Individuals Fingered In Gold Mafia Documentary

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) has reportedly commenced investigations into individuals implicated in money laundering activities and illicit gold dealings in Al Jazeera’s documentary revealing alleged criminals driving gold smuggling and money laundering worth billions of dollars in Southern Africa.

Al Jazeera'Gold Mafia' Documentary Prompts Investigation Into Uebert Angel

Last week the Insurance and Pensions Commission (IPEC) launched investigations into Uebert Angel and Ewan Macmillan in a bid to ascertain the assets they own as well as the duo’s recent transactions.

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Angel, who is President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s special envoy and ambassador-at-large to Europe and the Americas, and Macmillan are both mentioned in the Al Jazeera documentary as part of an alleged band of money launderers….continue reading


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