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TIMB Boss ‘Blessing Dhokotera’ Nabbed Over Criminal Abuse of Duty

Blessing Dhokotera, the TOBACCO Industry Marketing Board’s registration supervisor and head of operations, was charged with criminal abuse of duty yesterday.

Dhokotera appeared before magistrate Stanford Mambanje in Harare.

He was charged with conspiring with Addington Chayima to register specific farmers for the 2022/2023 season on the basis of favouritism.

According to the State, the prejudice was against contractual enterprises Grandicore Tobacco Company and Petrana Tobacco Company.

According to the court, the duo enrolled many growers in these firms’ data bases despite the fact that they were not financed by them.

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They were violating their obligations and duties by doing so.

Dhokotera was freed on $5,000 bond and told to relinquish his passport and appear in court twice a week.

The case has been rescheduled until September 10.

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