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Trending Masvingo Girls ‘Nyasha And Flora’ Speak On Viral Video

Trending Masvingo Girls 'Nyasha And Flora' Speak On Viral Video

Trending Masvingo Girls ‘Nyasha And Flora’ Speak On Viral Video

Nyasha and Flora Masvingo, two Masvingo girls who gained notoriety when a video of them eating one other’s animals went viral, have spoken.

Flora ignited social media with a video she shared on her Instagram Story earlier this week. When she got together with her buddy Nyasha, they made the most unusual decision.

They went into a room, shut the door, turned on loud music, and had a lot of tlof thoughts. Then Nyasha was made to go down and devour her pet by Flora.

Nyasha ate it with such fervor, Flora could hardly stand it. It’s still unclear if the footage was uploaded on purpose or whether someone used evil intent to fix the two females.

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Nyasha is allegedly the kid of a pastor.

The girls, nonchalant about their infamous video, have spoken out. Flora posted a video on TikTok with the caption:

“POV: Me to those huns that be talking sh_t to me muzvima group zvavo but kana tasangana live vakungoseka seka.”

She went on to attack everyone:

“Black people are too quick to unite when they want to destroy another black person.”

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Nyasha and Flora then went live on Instagram. Flora was seemingly on a call, and Nyasha quipped:

“Zvimwe zvitadzo zvatinenge tichiita zvakutipisisa. Zvinosemesa here izvi? As long as ndisingaisiwi kuma t**** hazvisemesi.”

On the call, Flora told a friend she was in hiding. She also said she would buy her dad a drink if he watched the video.

People online expressed dismay at Nyasha and Flora’s nonchalance over their viral video.

“Two independent women who do not need a man😂😂😂”

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Tatenda BJ:
“Nyasha a a !!! I’m about to come.”

“Unonzwira vamwe vabereki tsitsi soo aah apa vanenge vaine sugar or BP🤒🤒🥴”

“Vana ava vatova mabishu asi hapana hapo chakaipa pakunanzvana bhinzi kwavakaita. Ainanzviwa akati aive ava kuuya.”

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