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Trending: Mother Keeps Son Locked Inside Zengeza House for Over a Decade

Trending: Mother Keeps Son Locked Inside Zengeza House for Over a Decade

Residents of Zengeza 5 have raised alarms after discovering that Tinashe Tanyanyiwa has been confined to his family home by his mother, Irene Tanyanyiwa, for over a decade. Neighbors, who have not seen Tinashe outside the house in more than 10 years, tipped off reporters about the troubling situation.

Living with his mother Irene, Tinashe is reportedly suffering severe abuse within the confines of their home. As Irene’s only son, his prolonged absence and the signs of mistreatment have become a significant concern for the community.

When reporters attempted to investigate, they faced resistance from the household tenants.

One resident speculated, “We don’t know if there’s a traditional healer misleading people into such abusive behavior. It’s heartbreaking to see a child not even allowed to enjoy the sunlight.

We last saw Tinashe 10 years ago, but we often hear his name being called by his mother.”

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The neighbors are appealing for intervention to expose and stop the ongoing abuse. They observed that Irene tends to her garden and rents out rooms, while Tinashe remains imprisoned inside the house.

When reporters visited, Irene was not home, but her younger sister, Regina Zanga, 51, confirmed Tinashe’s presence.

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Regina stated, “Tinashe is here, but his mother is in town. He is confined to his room and not allowed to leave. Please come back tomorrow when his mother is here.”

Upon a subsequent visit, Irene refused to engage with reporters, locking the doors and instructing them to leave.

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Regina revealed, “I was told to leave the house for speaking with you. She asked me to inform you that she’s away visiting a sick relative.”

The residents are now exploring ways to rescue Tinashe and have reported the case to the police for further action.

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