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Twelve Pupils Injured in Mutare Train-Bus Collision

Twelve Pupils Injured in Mutare Train-Bus Collision
Twelve pupils were injured and taken to hospital where they are receiving treatment.

Mutare, July 3, 2024 – TWELVE school pupils were injured when their school bus was struck by a train at the Willton Level Crossing in Mutare.

The incident occurred during the morning commute, causing immediate alarm and distress among the community.

Emergency services responded swiftly, and the injured pupils were promptly transported to the nearest hospital. Medical personnel are currently providing necessary treatment to the injured children.

As of now, the conditions of the pupils have not been disclosed, but hospital officials have assured that all efforts are being made to ensure their recovery.


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Twelve Pupils Injured in Mutare Train-Bus Collision

A bus carrying school children was hit by a train at the Willton Level Crossing in Mutare this morning | PHOTO – NRZ

An investigation conducted by the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) has revealed that the accident was due to the bus driver’s failure to adhere to level crossing rules.

The driver, whose identity has not been released, reportedly ignored safety protocols designed to prevent such incidents.

In a statement, NRZ emphasized the importance of compliance with road safety regulations, particularly at railway crossings.

“The accident is a reminder to all drivers to exercise extreme caution and strictly adhere to road rules at level crossings,” NRZ said.

This accident has prompted renewed calls for heightened awareness and stricter enforcement of traffic laws, especially in areas where roadways intersect with railway tracks.

Community leaders and safety advocates are urging drivers to be more vigilant and to prioritize safety to prevent future tragedies.

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