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Twitter influencer takes own life

Twitter influencer takes own life

Mental health continues to be a real issue in today’s world. Many take their own lives whilst others suffer in silence.

The global statistics seem to suggest that men are affected more than women because of their inability to share their emotions and lay plain everything they face in their daily lives.

Tweeter user Takudzwa wrote on his timeline last night :

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This user is tired, Maybe lemme try someplace new, goodbye mother Earth

Moments later it has been confirmed that he took his own life as messages of condolences flood in.

This is a lesson to always prioritize checking up on others as they might be facing a lot of demons and they are not in a position to share it.

Below are some of the comments:

Joseph Shamba:
Haaa usazodaro Takue wakabirira bigtime all the effort yatakaisa kuti urarame ukati boiz maya Sarai rest easy my guy

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This was his last call for help and nobody really responded , but now plenty are saying RIP. SMH

Herr Doktor Professor:
Mental health issues are real, folks. Men are having it the worst as they are expected to man-up when the chips are down. When pressed between a rock & a hard place, reach out and keep holding on. This is not a good way to depart; but hey, rest easy yung blud #MentalHealthMatters

TJ Muchirahondo:
When i heard the news this morning i was shocked, i didnt know he had posted this before the suicide. Maybe just maybe if sum1 had reached out to him.

I understand you wangu, many users taneta. No one gets out alive after all

So just like that he’s gone? This life doesn’t make sense people be fighting demons out there if someone reaches out they think they seeking attention or something 💔


You know we never really take tweets seriously because most of us dnt know each other personally. If one feels like this the best advice to those remaining is to find even a stranger in the streets to just have a convo.its never easy i know but this aint it.. RIP Champ

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Source | ZiMetro News

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