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Video | Hillary Makaya’s Sister Reveals She Is Expecting Prophet Passion Java’s Baby

Video | Hillary Makaya’s Sister Reveals She Is Expecting Prophet Passion Java’s Baby

Yolanda, the younger sister of Hillary Makaya, has claimed that self-styled Prophet Passion Java forced her to get pregnant and have an abortion.

In a video posted on social media, Yolanda makes the claim that she is pregnant and is carrying Prophet Passion Java’s child.

Yolanda begins the viral video by displaying what seems to be a baby bump. She continues by saying she once had a sexual connection with the self-styled man of God.

Yolanda said that she became pregnant during their sexual interaction; she is currently eight months along.

“The prophet Prophet Passion Java is the one I am expecting. Early last year, I met Passion Java, and things progressed from there. We ended up having a full-blown relationship,”Yolanda Makaya.

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Yolanda Makaya reveals that things took a turn for the worst when she got pregnant.

She claims her life is in serious danger and she has had to flee from home. Yolanda said that she is now being followed and was almost kidnapped once.

Hillary Makaya’s sister said that Prophet Passion Java’s main objective is to terminate the pregnancy even though she is far along. She said that the prophet is forcing her to have an abortion.

She said when she tried to open up about their relationship, she was silenced. Yolanda said that she is now living in constant fear as Passion Java is well-connected and has been harassing and threatening those who have been trying to help her.

Yolanda said that ever since she opened up about her pregnancy with Passion Java, a number of young women came forward and also opened up about how Passion Java allegedly got into sexual relationships with them and how he forced them to have abortions once they got pregnant.

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Apparently, this is not the first time a woman has claimed to have been impregnated by Passion Java.

Barely a year, a woman from South Africa, only identified as Leshaan Da Gama hogged the limelight after claiming that she was pregnant with Passion Java’s baby.

In the video that she shared on Instagram, Leshaan could be seen crying as she narrates how her relationship with Passion Java used to be a good one before he allegedly started mistreating her.

I don’t regret getting pregnant. I just regret the person I had a baby with.

But once upon a time, we were in love. We always fought for each other. We always put each other first. Always were there for each other,”Leshaan said

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