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Vuzu parties must be outlawed!

Vuzu parties must be outlawed!

Apostolic churches on Saturday partnered with police in an anti-drug campaign in Highfield.

Various apostolic faith churches from Chitungwiza, led by Madzibaba Owen Chingondi, and Highfield-based Madzibaba Moses Gwanzura, gathered at Zimbabwe Grounds where several musicians performed.

Detective Sergeant Netty Kundizeza urged people to desist from abusing drugs and report anyone found dealing in such substances.

“Our nation is losing talented people due to abuse of drugs,” said Det Sgt Kundizeza.

“Vuzu parties must be outlawed as they encourage drug and sex abuse among the youth.

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“Some youths are being abused at Vuzu parties where they are lured into eating cakes and drinks mixed with dangerous drugs.

“Mutoriro, tumbwa nedombo zvaparadza vana vedu tovaviga toshaya anotishandira nekushandira nyika yedu.

“Parents, let us join hands in monitoring and teaching our children to desist from abusing these drugs and substances,” said Det Sgt Kundizeza.

Madzibaba Moses said their partnership with the police will see an end to criminal activities of drug peddling and abuse.

“Our marriage with the police is to fight crime,” said Madzibaba Moses.

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“We organised this musical show to address people about dangers of drug and substance abuse.

“Not all people come for prayers, but all people are affected by the few who engage in criminal activities.

“Our musicians are here to strike the right chords for our message to sink into their minds that our nation can only be built by us,” said Madzibaba Moses.

Among the artists who performed were Allan Chimbetu and Mark Ngwazi.

In other news,

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Chapungu FC vice chairman love affair goes viral


Patrick Chikwanda Goes Viral On Social Media After Mjolo Video Is Posted On Social Media.

Chapungu FC vice chairman love affair goes viral

Chapungu FC vice chairman Mr Patrick Chikwanda has gone viral on social media. This comes after his younger girlfriend shared a video of the two together.

Mr Patrick Chikwanda is a father of 3 and is labelled a very responsible father who cares for his family as seen from the video he was…continue reading

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