Watch As Valentine’s Day Proposal Ends in Heartbreak at Mambos Chicken

It ended in tears…

Umjolo is undoubtedly not for the timid. After his partner declined his engagement proposal, a young Harare man’s sweet gesture became his worst Valentine’s Day nightmare.

On Valentine’s Day at Mambos Chicken, the man, whose name is now unknown, attempted to surprise his sweetheart.

The man can be seen getting down on one knee as he proposes to his girlfriend in the video, which has now gone viral. The girlfriend, on the other hand, doesn’t seem as impressed; instead, she appears enraged.

The pair is surrounded by the patrons and employees of Mambo’s Chickens, who are cheering them on. The lady is stubborn; she rejects his proposal despite the crowd’s cries for her to accept it.

The girlfriend tries to make her boyfriend stand up and stop proposing, but he refuses. This prompts the lady to walk away. The man, however, throws himself onto the floor and tries to hold on to her legs to stop her from leaving. The lady breaks free and leaves.

Before she gets to the door, she returns, grabs the huge teddy bear that her boyfriend had bought her and throws it in his face before she finally leaves the fast food restaurant.

Watch the video below;

In other news,

Teen Returns Home After Going On Mjolo Spree!

“The family of a 17-year-old Rorisang Shaku in Apel, outside Ga-Nkoana, Limpopo has confirmed the safe return of their daughter following her disappearance for over a week,” reports suggest.

Teen Returns Home After Going On Mjolo Spree!

Many Twitter users believe she was at her man because these kids are mjolo active; this has also been confirmed by her mother, who reportedly expressed disappointment because this is not the first….more here

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