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Watch Sir Wicknell Speak About How He Makes Money!

In a candid and revealing discussion, Sir Wicknell opened up about his lucrative ventures and extravagant spending habits, shedding light on how he generates wealth and why he chooses to live life to the fullest.

The entrepreneur delved into his diverse sources of income, citing construction projects and energy investments in Zimbabwe, as well as ventures in neighboring countries like Kenya, South Africa, and China, as key pillars of his financial success.

Reflecting on his upbringing, Wicknell shared anecdotes from his childhood, recalling moments when he displayed a knack for predicting sports outcomes, much to the benefit of his family. He recounted instances where he provided his father with winning betting tips, only to witness his father return home with a new car—a testament to Wicknell’s early entrepreneurial spirit.

From humble beginnings as a bus runner for Musanhi Bus Company, Wicknell’s journey has been one of remarkable transformation. Today, he stands as a symbol of opulence, boasting an enviable collection of luxury vehicles that have become the talk of the town.

In a surprising revelation, Wicknell expressed gratitude towards the owner of Mashwede, likening their relationship to that of a father figure. Following the passing of his own father, Wicknell found solace and support in the guidance and mentorship provided by Mashwede’s owner, shaping his outlook on life and success.

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Wicknell attributes much of his success to the nurturing and support he received from those who stepped in to fill the void left by his father’s absence.

He acknowledges the profound influence of these individuals on his upbringing and values, vowing to honor their legacy by continuing to thrive and make a positive impact on society.

As Wicknell continues to navigate the complexities of wealth and fame, he remains steadfast in his commitment to uphold the principles instilled in him by his mentors, ensuring that his legacy transcends material possessions and reflects a deeper sense of purpose and responsibility.

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