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Businessman Wicknell Chivayo claims he prayed for the collection of super automobiles he now boasts of for three years, despite reports that he spent more than US$3.5 million on them.

He admitted to H-Metro that there were periods when the Vapostori were disparaged by the general public and seen as a socially backward community.

He claims it is all behind them now.

Chivayo, a member of the Johanne Masowe eChishanu, claims that he is an illustration of how God grants requests.

In fast sequence, Chivayo recently purchased a Mercedes Benz Maybach GLS600, a Range Rover Autobiography D350 SV, a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Rolls Royce Cullinan, and a Rolls Royce Ghost.

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He claims he spent over US$3.5 within a short space of time.

This is after he had pampered his church leader, and his wife, with new vehicles in which he spent over US$100 000.

Speaking to H-Metro yesterday, the businessman said if he has a reason to brag then it would be about how God was uplifting Vapostori.

“Back then, people would associate Vapostori with poverty but things have changed,” he said.

“God has remembered his children and if you look at the situation right now, Vapostori are now among the richest people.”

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Chivayo recently flaunted the vehicles on social media, which attracted mixed reactions from the public.

There were others who claimed he was splashing funds he got in the Gwanda Solar Project deal.

The allegations, which he was facing in the project, were dismissed by the courts.

Chivhayo said he just loves cars and they were products of the nights he spent praying, and fasting, in the mountains.

“Please don’t be offended. I’m a very humble guy who just loves cars.

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“I must apologise and I meant no disrespect to anyone buying so many cars at once but these are just cars I’ve always dreamt of and wanted so badly,

“I had been sleeping on top of mountains praying so hard for over three years now. God had to answer me because He is indeed the Greatest.

“I’m saying, and I say this without any fear of contradiction, we are cruising nicely, US$3.5 million well spent on my fleet.”

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