Zimbabwean SAPS Member Goes Viral, Shocks Fellow Citizens and South Africans

The South African Police Service (SAPS) has warned members of the public against the unauthorised and illegal use of SAPS property

This was after a video clip of a man who appears to be a Zimbabwean sitting behind the wheel of a marked police vehicle wearing a SAPS cap went viral on social media.

The man, who was sitting inside the SAPS car, and his colleague, who was apparently filming the incident, were speaking in Shona.

Commenting on the video, SAPS spokesperson Brigadier Athlenda Mathe warned that it was an offence for members of the public to wear police uniforms or distinctive marks of the SAPS without permission from the national commissioner. Said Mathe:

A civilian can be seen in a marked police vehicle wearing a SAPS cap. This unauthorised use of SAPS property and uniform is in direct contravention of the SAPS Act.

The civilian has committed at least three offences in terms of the SAPS Act; Section 66 (1), 68(1) and 68(3), in that he wore the emblems and official insignia of the SAPS.

The man has thus created the false impression that he is lawfully associated with the police service by being in a marked police vehicle and wearing the badge and emblem of the SAPS, which is protected by law.

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