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Financial Crisis Looms for Pastor Alph Lukau Over R24 Million Tax Debt

Financial Crisis Looms for Pastor Alph Lukau Over R24 Million Tax Deb

Financial Crisis Looms for Pastor Alph Lukau Over R24 Million Tax Debt

Pastor Alph Lukau, known for his controversial claims of being able to resurrect the dead and heal the sick, is currently facing a financial crisis. Reports indicate that he and his wife Celeste are at risk of having their assets auctioned off if they fail to settle nearly R24 million in outstanding taxes.

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has been pursuing Pastor Lukau and his wife for unpaid taxes, leading to this dire situation. Despite his claims of performing miraculous acts, it seems that his financial affairs are in disarray.

The news of Pastor Lukau’s financial troubles has garnered attention, especially given his high-profile status and the controversies surrounding his ministry. It remains to be seen how this situation will unfold and what actions Pastor Lukau will take to address his financial challenges.

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The year 2019 marked the beginning of a series of events at Alleluia Ministries International (AMI) during a pastors’ ordaining ceremony in the serene suburb of Sandton in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Clad in a sleek blue suit and matching tie, Pastor Alph Lukau, the 42-year-old controversial head of AMI, transitioned from the ordination service to performing miraculous acts in the name of Jesus. Whether these acts were attributed to the power of Jesus or not remains a mystery known only to God.

During the live-streaming of AMI on social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube, numerous individuals were seen miraculously rising from wheelchairs. However, the service was interrupted by an AMI media personnel who announced the presence of a deceased Zimbabwean whose body was prepared for burial.

Pastor Lukau then stepped outside the church where a sealed coffin containing the body was brought. The coffin was opened and displayed before the cameras and congregation.

Following a brief period of prayer, the supposedly lifeless body of Elliot Masango was reported to have risen from death. Surprisingly, none of the attendees fled, indicating their belief in the resurrection of Masango.

After the initial excitement of the supposed resurrection miracle, doubts and controversy emerged regarding the identity of the individual involved. The person known as Elliot was also identified by his South African employer as Brighton Moyo, complicating efforts to verify his true identity and contact his family in Zimbabwe.

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While the AMI leader celebrated the event as a miraculous resurrection, questions arose about the authenticity of the miracle. The church’s statement contradicted earlier claims, denying that Elliot/Brighton was actually dead upon arrival at AMI.

The story gained widespread attention, with the video of the event going viral on social media and sparking discussions and memes. However, the credibility of the resurrection miracle was challenged when three funeral parlors disputed Pastor Lukau’s claims, leading to legal battles and public scrutiny.

The lack of concrete evidence, such as a death certificate or medical reports, has fueled skepticism and raised doubts about the legitimacy of the miracle. Some observers have questioned whether such dramatic events are staged to attract large crowds, raising concerns about the authenticity of modern-day miracles in the context of faith and religious practices.

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