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Zimbabweans furious after seeing video of cars and other property vandalized by Robert Mugabe Jr. at a party

Zimbabweans are furious after seeing viral video of the automobiles and other property that Robert Mugabe Jr. smashed at a party in a fit of fury.

Robert Jr., age 31, was detained on Sunday for willful damage to property worth $12,000 during a party in Strathaven, Harare, the son of the late former president Robert Mugabe. Police were notified by Sindiso Nkatazo, one of his friends.

According to ZimLive, Robert Jr. reportedly broke windows on automobiles and other buildings during a hysterical outburst after one of Sindiso’s employees allegedly peed on his car while everyone else stayed silent.

The Mugabe heir went to the Harare Magistrates’ Court yesterday and left without appearing.

His lawyer Ashiel Mugiya told the media as Robert Jr left court:

“No, charges were not withdrawn. The state decided to give parties the opportunity to negotiate.”

ZimCelebs released a video showing the damage Robert Jr made during his drunken rage. He vandalised the screens of a red and a white Mercedes Benz vehicle, then went on to smash the windows of his friend’s house. Watch the video below.

Social media users expressed mixed feelings over the damage done by Robert Jr.


“Perfect example of how we destroy children thinking that love will teach them respect. Spare the rod and spoil the child…”


“Hezvo anopenga hre . Asi aive ambotora madrugs…”


“He broke a few house and car windows, probably emotions got the better of him. What happened? Did you chaw his girl or what? In cases like this, the prosecutor can allow for a mediation from both parties involved. If they don’t reach an amicable solution, then the complainant can proceed with pressing charges for damage of property.”


“saka ma front windows ayo akapwanya ndiwo akunzi brougt down 😂😂😂 dzimwe nguva language yedu yakango naka kushandisa hayo.”

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