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2 journalists jailed after an attempt to extort Prophet Edd Branson was foiled!

Edd Branson In Nudes Scandal

Two rogue journalists Thembani Nkomo and Tapiwa Nerwande who are alleged to be running a rogue news online news tabloid have been arrested in Johannesburg for attempting to extort Harare based businessman and clergyman Prophet Edd Branson.

The accused person were arrested on Wednesday by police details form the SAPS Honeydew Police Station.

According to information reaching this reporter Nkomo and Nerwande, using fictitious names, approached Branson’s Office in Cape Town and claimed to have nude pictures and a story about Edd Branson’s private life which might damage his image and reputation when published.

The duo demanded 50 000 Rand payment for them not to publish the story.

Edd Branson’s office reportedly alerted the police and a trap was set for the duo who were told to collect the funds from a Johannesburg office.

Unbeknown to the duo they walked into a police trap and were arrested and charged with extortion and crimen injuria.

The duo are set to appear in the Randburg Magistrate Courts next year.

The incidence comes at a time when several people in Zimbabwe and South Africa have been trying to extort Branson following his recent successes in business. A close source to the Branson camp said the arrest was the first step towards the retaliation on rogue elements who had gone on an rampage to fleece the Prophet through extortion.

He recently bought a Rolls Royce which had attracted extortionists , fraudsters and all sort of misfits trying to make a quick buck from him.

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