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Enhle Mbali Accused Of Being A Homewrecker

Valentine Bango and her husband Justice Huni x Enhle Mbali
Valentine Bango and her husband Justice Huni x Enhle Mbali

Enhle Mbali is back in the news after her former husband, Black Coffee went on a tirade on Twitter over the abuse allegations she levelled against him.

While many Twitter users stood behind the actress, their views may change after Valentine Bango accused Enhle Mbali of being a homewrecker.

Bango said Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa has been having an affair with her husband, Justice Huni, for years, and it only came to light this year. She said the two lovers decided to tell her about their illicit affair because they wanted Enhle to join the marriage as a second wife.

Bango said she dismissed the proposal to be in a polygamous marriage, and after her refusal, Enhle Mbali and Justin continued seeing each other.

Part of Bango’s damning revelation reads:

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So I have something very painful to say. Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa and my husband Justice Huni have been having an affair for years. They have been keeping this secret and this year they finally decided to tell me. They decided to tell me because they wanted her to join our marriage as a second wife. They tried to make their affair look pretty. Unfortunately, you can’t turn dirt into gold.

I rejected and dismissed the proposal. I have never and will never agree to polygamy. This might be the way of life for others, but it’s not what I want for my life. Having dismissed their polygamy proposal, they still continued with their relationship.

Bango goes on to call out Enhle Mbali for being a hypocrite who advocates against abuse while being an abuser and adulterer herself. Part of the questions read:

I have a few questions to ask Enhle.

1. How is it ok for you to cry about Black Coffee cheating on you and then go and do the same to another woman?

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2. How is It ok for you to cry about adultery breaking up your family and then turn around and do that to another family? You are a home wrecker.

3. If polygamy is your thing, why didn’t you ask Black Coffee to make his mistresses wives In your marriage and leave my marriage alone?

4. Adultery is a form of abuse. How can you be an advocate for women while sleeping with my husband? You and my husband’s actions have broken me.

At the time of publication, Enhle had not responded to the allegations by Valentine Bango. You can read the rest of the damning revelation below:


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